W Bengal banks on sweet stuff

Books and handicraft items are passe. How about having a fair that’ll have rasogolla, mal powa, cham cham, khirer payesh, nalen gurer sandesh, rashmalai or pantua on display?

The West Bengal state tourism department has finally seen the potential in the state’s rich culinary heritage. It plans to organize a Mishti Mela at the Milan Mela ground soon. The plan is to popularize various sweets available in different parts of the state. “Sweets can be a major attraction, it’s a strength of our state. We’ve decided to explore the possibility to attract foreign tourists,” said tourism minister Krishnendu Choudhury.

The minister is also planning to display a list of all sweet makers and their contact numbers at government guest houses. Moreover, there will be helpline numbers to guide tourists during their stay in the state. Adding in a lighter note, the minister added, “If tourists fall ill on the move, the helpline will give contact details of the nearest available doctors.” 

Read the full report here, Times of India


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