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US tourists top international visitors list at Taj


At 12%, US nationals formed the largest chunk of international tourists to the Taj Mahal in 2013 followed by UK (8%) and Germany (7%), stated a June 2014 World Bank presented to the Agra district administration. The report titled ‘Destination profiling, tourism enterprises and value chain assessment’ aimed at assessing Agra’s potential to be developed as a tourism hub under a pro-poor tourism development programme.

The programme aims to provide better tourist facilities in the state so that the poor can earn a livelihood via revenue generated off tourism. The report states that every year, over 7 lakh foreigners visit the Taj – one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the focal point of tourism in Agra. But only one-third of foreign nationals who visit the 17th century mausoleum make a trip to the equally noteworthy Agra Fort and Fatherpur Sikri.

Delhi tops the list of domestic visitors to the Taj with 17.9% share, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

Read the full report at Times of India


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