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Ukhimath residents face a new challenge

The entire population was dependent on Kedarnath for livelihood, says official

Vijaya Devi, 49, lost her husband to cancer in 2012. Her elder son, 18, died as mounds of water poured into the Kedarnath Valley in June this year. Now, she has to fend for herself and a 15-year-old son.

“I have to repay Rs. 2.5 lakh in loan that my husband had taken for his treatment,” she says with tears.

Vijaya Devi is a resident of Deoli, one of the six villages under the Deoli-Bhanigram gram sabha that lost 54 men on June 17 when a glacial lake burst and flooded the Valley, rendering 32 women widows.

The Sulabh International Social Service Organisation adopted the gram sabha under the Sulabh Help Programme in August. The organisation, which supports widows and abandoned women in Varanasi, offered the gram sabha financial support. Sulabh International gives widows and unemployed youth Rs. 2,000 every month; children get Rs.1,000. This aid will continue for five years.

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