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Easier UK visa for Indian businessmen soon

DELHI: Indians businessmen may find it easier to get a visa for visiting the United Kingdom (UK) soon. With a looming exit from the European Union, the UK has said that it is working on making it easier for Indian businessmen to pass through British airports and access to EU. Check if you need a UK visa here.

The move comes as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked his UK counterpart Theresa May to assure “greater mobility” for Indian students and researchers while speaking at the India-UK Tech Summit. May addressed the problem saying, “We will offer, for the first time to any country that needs visas to enter Britain, what we called ‘Registered Traveller Scheme’. That means the Indian nationals who f4requently come to the UK and to fuel growth in both our countries, the entry process will become significantly easier.”

If May’s words come true, those eligible will have to fill fewer forms, they would get access to the EU-EEA (European Economic Area) passport control and swifter passage through British airports. “In short, more opportunities for Britain and India and a clear message that Britain is very much open for business,” she added.

May added that India now had one of the best UK visa services in the world. It is also the only place in the world where it is possible to get a same day UK visa. She said that the UK government was looking at the fact that many Indians also to bring their skill, ideas, businesses to Britain benefiting the  economies of both countries.


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