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Turf wars tarnish Goa’s paradise image


The tourist sipping a beer had been in Goa just a few hours before a man sidled up to him and asked if he wanted to buy drugs. “I heard the waves, my toes dug into the sand, and my weekend holiday had just begun,” said Pablo Rosa, 48, from Texas. “Even before I got my feet wet in the water, I was offered drugs. That’s how easy and open it is here.”

Over the past three decades, the tiny western Indian state of Goa has become a popular destination for Indians and foreigners alike, offering sun, sand, dance music festivals and businesses bearing names such as Karmic Cafe, Buddha Tattoo and Nirvana Bar. But the sun-seekers’ haven is rapidly acquiring a darker reputation – as a hub for international drug trafficking and tourists chasing a high.

Full report here Guardian


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