Tourists go hungry in Manali

Tourists visiting Manali will find it tough to get food as several hotels here have shut their kitchens due to the rising prices of onion, tomato, potato, cabbage and other vegetables. Several restaurants and dhabas are not even serving onion paranthas for breakfast now.

Hotels, which used to serve their guests with food from in-house kitchens, are now requesting them to have food outside. Hoteliers say food has become very expensive and causing losses to them. Even the hotel employees are cooking mostly pulses for them to minimize cost. Winters being lean tourist season, hoteliers are also reducing staff, who would also add to food charges.

“We cannot charge our guests more than the rates listed in menu, but high vegetable prices havedisturbed our budget,” Sushil Chandel, a hotelier, said. Several hotel owners are also confused over what to cook and what items to skip. He said tourists are already seeking off-season discount on room tariff and then providing them with food at the old rates was not possible. “None of the vegetables are available for less than Rs 60 per kg. Tomato and onion cost Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kg.”

Read thee full report here, Times of India


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