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Tourist inflow in Mysore sees no surge


We’re all familiar with claims that Mysore is a hotspot for tourists, that it attracts lakhs of visitors from all over the globe during Dasara and summer, but how valid are these claims? The number of tourists visiting Mysore has been stagnant over the last few years.

For example, the number of tourists visiting the Mysore Zoo during the Dasara festival has been hovering around 1.3 lakhs for the past four years. Similarly, the number of visitors to the Mysore Palace during Dasara has held steady at around 70,000, reports Times of India.

Officials report that overall footfalls annually at the Palace has been between 3.3 and 3.5 million annually for the past few years, while corresponding numbers for the zoo stayed at 3 million annually. The other time that tourism peaks is around the month of May. Tour operators aren’t as happy as officials are with these numbers. “They show interest and talk about tourism only during Dasara season and later the issue is forgotten,” claims one tour operator.


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