Tourist guides for own clean Ganga strategy for Varanasi


The call of Ganga which apparently beckoned Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Varanasi has echoed far and wide with holy city becoming a hotspot of action now. For the first time, the tourist guide federation of India has decided to hold its annual convention in India’s heritage city. The theme for its convention, “Clean Ganga, Clean India” would focus on ways the tourist guides can contribute in evolving Varanasi into a better tourist attraction.

“We are the eyes and ears of the tourists. No one knows the ground reality better than us,” said Pathor Narinder, president, Tourist Federation of India. Around 400-500 tourist guides are going to gather between August 2 and 3 to how the tourism facilities in Varanasi can be improved. Having just undergone the experience of finding hotel rooms for all the delegates in the city, the tour guides would stress the urgent need of building a hotel inventory to attract tourists.

Full report here Business Standard


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