Tourism projects in UP in a limbo

Callousness on the part of UP government authorities may take a toll of tourism projects in the state. According to reports there are many projects which are languishing because of the state government apathy for the past three to four years.

In fact, there are some projects for which first installment of central grants was approved but it continues to lie unsued because of the non-utilization certificate issued by the state government authorities.

Tourism officials say that it is the project executing agencies which are not working properly. The department has been shooting off letters to the agencies but to no avail, sources said.

The centre had allocated a sum of Rs 136 crores to UP. Of this, around 92 crores were released. However, most of the projects are yet to get a facelift beyond 25% of what they should have been. The executing agency like C&DS was allocated over Rs 1 crore for giving a facelift to Nimsharanya. However, only Rs 25 lakhs could be spent on the project. Moreover, the agency got part of the project constructed in a wrong way and therefore had to be demolished.

Full report here Times of India


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