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Tourism ministry launches site with route maps and information

The Tourism Ministry has launched a new website, www.wonobo.com in association with Geospational technology company Genesys, to make it easier for tourists to walk or drive across most-visited Indian cities.

At present, the service will be available for 12 major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi regarding and will list information like route map, famous eateries, monuments and parks.

Eventually, the site plans to offer similar information for 54 cities in the country. “The Ministry is partnering with Genesys to create a Walking Tours platform, one of the first such initiatives to be undertaken in any country,” Tourism Secretary Parvez Dewan said after the launching of the site.”We believe this innovative and entertaining technology will make it extremely easy for tourists to walk or drive through our most-visited cities. The site will be linked to the Incredible India.

Read full report here, Indian Express


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