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Top travel trends in India in 2013

Friendly move: Travellers ganged up and embarked in a group on their wanderlust this year. Gang of guys or girls zeroed in on a destination and headed out. Sharing room rentals, cab fares and meal bills with friends proved to be far more enjoyable and cost effective than solo sojourns. This trend is likely to grow manifold and many buddy brigades are likely to head out in 2014.Unseen wild side: Rather than beating down the often tread African wild paths or strutting in Southeast Asian zoos, Indians strode out to discover the unexplored. Cambodia’s elephants, Laos’ gibbons,Indonesian kimodo and lemurs of Madagascar were the travel pics that got maximum likes. Similarly adventure freaks had their adrenaline rush through sea dives in Andamans and Lakshadweep islands than Goan water sports.

Hobby high: From pacing down the global marathon routes to cheering for Vettel at F1 races across the globe, travellers allowed their hobbies to decide their itinerary. Music, shopping, food or sports, if there was a fest that celebrated their passion, the devout headed there in droves.

Bharat ek Khoj: From learning how to dish out Syrian Christian cuisine in Kerala or perfecting Gujarati and Rajasthani tie-and-die or block printing techniques in quaint town of Pilkhuwa, travel this year was all about reaching the unseen spots of India. Indian trekked into tea houses inSikkim and Uttarakhand, camped to star gaze in the deserts of Rajasthan, learnt boat building and coconut tree climbing lessons in Kerala or simply holidayed within their towns to experience the nooks and corners of this country like never before.

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