Tips to become a more responsible tourist


I remember a story of a trek way back in 1980s to a glacier in the Uttarakhand region called Pindari. It was undertaken by my friends and when they came back they were crestfallen. They narrated the story of piles of garbage and they could trace their way to the glacier just by following the littered garbage along the trail.

The entire scenic beauty was tarnished by the mindless human intervention. Since then we have heard many stories of such mindlessness about the tourists who go to these pristine areas and then desecrate them by littering waste. Mount Everest today is struggling with growing waste and many tourist destinations in India are waking up to the adverse impact of rising number of tourists.

Tourism, per se, however, is not bad. It’s the attitude of the visitor that can make or mar the place or the experience. If we all keep few basics in mind we will not only enjoy the beauty of the place but also help in maintaining it. While travelling to hill stations it is of paramount importance that we resist the temptation of using plastic. Many hilly regions have laws that prohibit the use of plastic as it chokes water channels and interferes with the natural rhythms of the nature. A tourist should respect that.

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