The airline with the most frustrated passengers are…


A little more than a decade ago, airplane travel was still considered a privilege in India. Now, as it becomes increasingly common and relatively cheap to fly, Indians are learning the frustrations that come with air travel, like flight delays, lost baggage, and the odd buffalo strike on the runway.

India’s civil aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, has recently started publishing a detailed breakdown of passenger complaints received by airlines operating in India, reports WSJ blogs.

The number of complaints received is a tiny percentage of the 49 million passengers who flew domestic airlines this year.

Over the three months through September, Indian airlines got 3.7 complaints for every 10,000 passengers.

Still, the data is helpful to gauge which airlines have the most frustrated passengers. For the quarter ended September, the most recent data available, the most-complained about domestic airlines are: Air India (domestic flights), followed by Go Air and Jet Airways. The DGCA says complaints data is for “scheduled domestic airlines”, but other than for Air India, it doesn’t specify whether this includes overseas flights run by domestic airline companies.


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