Taxi drivers dent Goa’s tourist hub image

PANAJI: It is my perception that most of the tourist taxi drivers in Goa, especially in the coastal belt, misbehave with visitors and often insult using filthy words if some queries are raised.

In absence of digital meters and proper fare charts, tourists always feel cheated by the taxi drivers, reports The Times of India.

Whenever visitors come to Goa, they depend upon tourist taxis to visit places. The drivers often charge exorbitant amount in clear violation of the journey rules. If the visitors ask them to provide the details about the fare structure, they get in return only insults, and that too, in presence of their family members.

The drivers are so adamant that they do not even bother if the occupants are women or elderly persons. Tourists feel ashamed of themselves when they are exposed to abusive language in front of their family elders.

My family members always tell me to stay away from such dishonest drivers as they may resort to even to fights. The transport and tourism ministers of the state are aware of these developments besides the police department. But I do not know why they remain mere silent spectators.

If they can’t act, then it is their duty to stop all the campaigns aimed at wooing the tourists as it is a burden on state exchequer. The government is spending crores of rupees on campaigns, but has completely failed to handle and control the taxi drivers’ lobby. I have heard that most of these taxi drivers are either close to politicians or they enjoy political patronage.

Ill-treatment to tourists by taxi drivers is hotly debated by media channels across the country. This has given a very bad image to Goa. The news will soon spread like wildfire, which is not a conducive development for the state.


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