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Time to de-stress by travelling to Manjeera wildlife sanctuary and Singur dam

When was the last time you watched a crocodile at close range or drove past green fields where peacocks greeted all along? If you have not experienced this, then pack your bags and set out on the Manjeera and Singur dam tour for a stress-busting trip.

The best part is that the trip can be completed in a day and is ideal for a Sunday break for corporate employees, families and individuals. Located at a distance of nearly 70 km from the capital, Manjeera dam is an ideal picnic spot as one can spend quality time at the Environmental Education Centre as well as the crocodile breeding pond. Visitors can learn about nature conservation at the centre, which has a museum, library and an auditorium. The centre has models of birds that are found in the Manjeera wildlife sanctuary, and the library has books on identification of bird life.

The crocodile breeding pond has been set up for rehabilitation of crocodiles, and visitors can view the reptiles at close range. The right time to visit is around 12.30 noon when the reptiles are fed, and, of course, one can have a view of the Manjeera dam and the picturesque locations surrounding it. Those keen on snapping birds, butterflies and the landscape are let down by the place.

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