Staff apathy strands 25 Air India passengers


Some clerical goof-ups at the ticketing level and by the ground staff of the national carrier Air India have left 25 Delhi-bound passengers, including two women and a child, stranded at the city airport last night.

The harried passengers were to take the 2130 AI 101 (Mumbai-Delhi-New York) flight to Delhi, but could not make it on time as their tickets mentioned the departure terminal as T1, the old terminal, and not the new T2.
‘Some of our tickets mention departure from T1 and so we have reached the old terminal first.

On reaching there we were told that we should reach T2.

We hurried to T2 and managed to reach before 2045, but the AI refused to issue us boarding pass saying the counter was shut at 2030, as per their normal procedures,’ a passenger named Rajiv said.

Full report here India TV


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