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Shimla summer attracts tourists, and traffic jams


The once summer capital of British raj is witnessing the collateral effects of scorching heat ravaging the plains. Peak summer has brought in thousands of vacationers, piled into their private vehicles and heading for cooler environs.

The endless streams of tourists in this tourist town ensure frequent traffic jams. Given the shortage of parking space, most park their vehicles along the roadsides and end up paying heavy penalty. Shimla municipal corporation (MC), which is spending crores on the renovation of the Mall road and the Ridge, has so far failed to come up with adequate parking lots to address the perennial problem which is adversely affecting the tourism business.

A majority of tourists complain of overcharging at parking lots, which have been handed over to contractors. In fact, overcharging by contractors has become a common affair and despite frequent raids by MC, tourists continue to be fleeced.

Full report here Times of India



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