Scania launches ultra luxe buses in India


SiddhiVinayak Logistic Ltd (SVLL) and Scania India have introduced 120 7-star luxury passenger buses in India. These buses offer amenities such as a conference room with Wi-Fi connection, restrooms and projectors. There will also be an in-house crew which will provide passengers with beverages and food. These buses will ply on Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Mumbai-Bangalore and Surat-Ahmedabad routes.

All the buses have been designed by Dilip Chabbria’s DC Design. These 31-recliner seat buses have their exclusive SVLL-designated transit stations. While booking their bus, customers can notify their preferred food and beverages and pick up drop details.

Deepak Baid, director, SiddhiVinayak Logistic Ltd, “The Indian luxury transport is rapidly improving with various new technology adoptions and growing requirements of comfort travelling. We are delighted to announce SVLL’s entry into the luxury passenger travel segment. Our association with Scania has been really long and now launching a new segment with them is very exciting. We would love to continue this alliance and venture into assorted sectors of transport and logistics”.

Read the full report here, Overdrive


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