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‘Rural Olympics’ set to impress visitors

LUDHIANA: Come February 17 and all roads will lead to the quaint village of Kila Raipur, the host of Kila Raipur Sports Festival popularly known as ‘Rural Olympics’.

Spectacular performances and daredevil stunts make this annual extravaganza the ‘destination to be’ for scores of sports enthusiasts from world over, reports Hindustan Times.

Scheduled from February 17-19, this year too several foreign visitors are expected to attend the games, some on their own while many will be special guests, accompanying the Non Resident Indian’s (NRI) from the region especially villages.

Set to land in the coming days, NRI’s share their excitement of sharing the experience with their foreign guests; majority of them being neighbours or work colleagues abroad. Some will come along with just one guest while others will bring the entire family along.

“I motivated two of my colleagues from the workplace to join me since both of them love different kind of sports and adventures. So, I decided to show them this festival that enthralls several foreign visitors like them. It will be an event to remember forever since it remains packed with rare adventures”, shares Sarabjeet Singh who has been living in a village near Chicago since last 20 years and hails from Phillaur and works in an automobile company.

Similarly, Balpreet Singh who has his roots in Gujjarwal village –neighbour of Kila Raipur and lives in Melbourne is all set to come with a family of four from his neighbourhood, who have been to India several times but will be attending this sports festival for the first time with Singh.


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