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RRTS: Delhi enthusiastic, sceptical


Passengers seen boarding the train EMU train at Shivaji Bridge
Railway Station, in New Delhi

Daily commuters appear enthusiastic at the possibility of reaching their homes and offices early because of the proposed Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), which will ensure comfortable travel by high-speed trains, but their welcoming stance was marred by a strong sense of scepticism over completion of the project by the scheduled deadline of 2016.

Ashok Garg, a software professional working in Delhi Stock Exchange and a Meerut resident, was thrilled at the idea of reaching office in about an hour.

“I have heard the RRTS corridor will reduce the travel time to Meerut by as much as 60 minutes. Just imagine, I will be able to reach office in just 50-60 minutes! Right now it takes at least two hours to reach Delhi if I get a local train from Meerut. I end up spending about five hours in a train everyday,” added Mr. Garg, while waiting at Shivaji Bridge for his train to Meerut which, as usual, was late.

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