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Rohtang out of bounds

With Rohtang pass turning into a restricted zone for them, those in the business of adventure sports are looking for gainful relocation. Since livelihood of almost 300 families have been affected, a demand for a new tourist spot in Manali, where 200 all terrain vehicles (ATV) and 80 snow scooters could be shifted, is fast gaining ground.

Exploring and developing new space for these vehicles would not be an easy task for government. Sources said Solang valley, another tourist spot here, is already crowded with 50 ATVs and has hardly any room for vehicles dispossessed from Rohtang after the high court order to preserve ecology. Either the operators will have to dump these extremely expensive vehicles or the government will have to identify new tourist spot to balance tourism, conservation of nature and employment of local residents.

Full report here Times of India


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