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Regatta boosts tourism prospects of Puthiyangadi

KOZHIKODE: An entire village was in high spirits when local oarsmen with their country boats ripped through the still Kaippurathupalam lake nestled against the historic Conolly Canal in the city on Sunday, November 13 evening.

For many, the live regatta, organised with the support of residents’ associations at Puthiyangadi, was a unique experience and that too in a neglected lake, reports The Hindu.

The venue was jam-packed by 2 p.m. as announcements made through public address system set the mood and attracted aficionados from various locations. Some buzzed into the shore and managed to climb trees to have a broad view of the entire event.

Nearly 1-km-stretch of the shore was packed with viewers till the conclusion of the event late in the evening. No fewer than 25 teams took part in the race.


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