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Rajasthan tour operators upbeat

The free fall of rupee has brought cheers for the tourism industry in the state but sent jitters among jewellers who depend on imports for their raw materials.

Tour operators are upbeat that sudden rise in dollars will bring in more bucks for them. “This is the time when most of the foreigners plan their travel and go for advance booking. With dollar lingering at all time high, tour operators are making profits,” said Sanjay Kaushik, a travel expert.

In advance booking, the customer pays 50% of the amount to tour operator while rest 50% just before the beginning of tour. However those in the city who have already booked their packages are the ones at the receiving end. The rise in dollars has derailed their budget and increased the cost of the trip. “Those who have booked for the packages earlier will have to suffer. Their overall traveling cost is likely to increase,” added Kaushik.

Full report here Times of India


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