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Rajasthan hotels lead the way to improve hygiene standards in India

As part of the HRH Group, the Shiv Niwas Palace, the Fateh Prakash Palace and the Jagmandir Palace, are introducing Check Safety First’s established risk management system E-Cristal and its food module to ensure the highest standards of food hygiene. This comes after a successful contract with the Heritage establishment Shahpura House Hotel in Jaipur, where the food module has already been implemented. The system is based on the recognised hygiene management method, HACCP, helping each hotel monitor and manage critical areas of a kitchen to ensure that risks are reduced and quality standards are exceeded.

Food hygiene standards and contamination remain a challenge for Indian hotels and restaurants. Demanding temperatures can lead to food contamination and can threaten the health of guests. The Food and Safety Standards Act, which will be implemented from 2014, is a call to action for the Indian hotel industry to ensure they act compliantly. By continuing its work with hotels in India, Check Safety First is aiming to play a key role in improving standards throughout the flourishing tourist region.
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