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Railways starts paperless travel app in Mumbai


Mumbai subarban local travel experience is set to get a bit easier with paperless mobile tickets. With the introduction of the same, one will not have to stand in long lines and waste time. There are 37 lakh daily passengers on western Railways’ network.

The mobile app has been developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) for Android and Windows platforms. User can download ‘App’ from Google Play Store or Window Store free of cost. This app will eliminate the need for printing of Unreserved Tickets on ATVMs at the stations.

This service is being currently rolled out on the Churchgate – Dhanuroad Suburban Section of Western Railway covering 35 stations over 123 km distance. For paperless ticketing, GPS co-ordinates of suburban railway tracks on the Churchgate – Dhanuroad Suburban Section, plus 30 meters on either side of the tracks have been earmarked as Geo-Fencing area within which no ticket booking is allowed in order to ensure that passengers have ticket before commencing the journey.


The application provides necessary on-screen alerts to guide the passenger during the booking process. Payment for the ticket is done through the “Railway Wallet” feature in the app. After booking the ticket, the passenger will get the ticket confirmation screen which contains information about the ticket.

To prevent fraud, the paperless journey ticket will be stored in the local mobile application database in tamper proof encrypted form. Passenger booking these tickets will have to start their journey within one hour of booking the ticket as per policy for suburban sections. Also, such tickets would not be cancelled for refunds. The ticket has distinct colour scheme everyday and it is embedded with Quick Response (QR) code. It cannot be forwarded to another mobile or edited or printed. The old invalid tickets will be removed from the mobile device through a sync feature in the app.

For the purpose of ticket checking, the application has various features such as colour scheme, show ticket features, secret code of the day, booking time of the ticket and scrolling of legend “IR UNRESERVED TICKETING”. In case of mobile in disconnected mode, it will be checked through QR Code.

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