Railways installs over 2,400 rainwater harvesting systems

DELHI: Railways has installed rainwater harvesting systems at more than 2,400 locations, including station buildings, to replenish the groundwater table and meet its growing demand for water.

As many as 2,428 rainwater harvesting systems, including rooftop rainwater harvesting systems, have been installed by railways at different locations, including station buildings, across the country, said a senior Railway Ministry official, reports PTI.

“Rapid urbanisation has resulted in a drastic drop in percolation of rainwater into sub soil which has diminished the groundwater reserve.

“We have decided to install rainwater harvesting systems wherever it is feasible after taking into consideration certain factors,” the official said.

Among many factors, railways consider intensity of rainfall, water table, soil type and salinity of groundwater on buildings having more than 200 sq meters of rooftop area before deciding to install rainwater harvesting systems.

All new constructions like hospitals, stations buildings, railway quarters, workshops/sheds are also being considered for installation of the system.


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