Railways asks officials to prevent train delays or face action

DELHI: Faced with public outcry over trains running late, railways has directed senior officials to monitor train operations and ensure they run on time or get ready to face action.

In a directive, general managers (GMs) and heads of departments at zonal railways have been asked to deploy a senior-level officer in the night shift between 10 pm and 7 am to monitor the situation and address the problems, if any , to prevent delays in train operations, reports The Economic Times.

The stern message came at a time the national transporter is under attack for delays and increase in accidents due to derailments under current dispensation.

Railways, however, is being appreciated for improved cleanliness in trains and at stations besides better passenger amenities.

The transporter, however, claimed that the massive infrastructure expansion drive undertaken by the cur rent dispensation to decongest high-density routes is also causing delays.

“The focus on electrification of tracks, doubling, building third line or fourth line to meet the massive traffic demand is hindering normal train operations,“ a senior official said. He added, “Between Delhi-Howrah, there are 68 speed restrictions due to expansion works which is causing delays.“


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