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Railway commuters want a stop to unlawful travel


Railway commuters have urged the authorities to initiate action against people traveling in first class compartments without proper tickets. Commuters have claimed that people travel in first class compartments of local trains, though they do not possess tickets for first class. Commuters want the railway administration to increase ticket checking drives to restrict such illegal travel.

N Sumedh who frequently travels in local trains said, ” many get into first class compartments though they have tickets for second class travel. There is no control of administration over such type of unauthorized travel. Senior citizens and women passengers unnecessarily face harassment. Despite having first class tickets, the passengers fail to get seats”, Sumedh said.

Amey Deshmukh who travels to Lonavla from Shivajinagar said that many people get into the express trains though they have tickets for local trains. People also get into ladies compartments, if other compartments are overcrowded, he said.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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