Pune has potential to be tourist destination

Pune, as a city, has a lot of potential to be a classic tourist destination as over the year, the inflow of domestic as well as foreign tourists has increased by leaps and bounds. However, during research by a group of students from a city-based architecture college, they found that to make the city one of the favourite tourist destinations in the country, there is a need for planning, vision and most importantly, political will.

The six students of first year Masters in Architecture course from Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Engineering took several months to conduct the research and came to the conclusion that the city has a lot of potential to be a good tourist destination for national as well as international visitors.

“While doing the ground work for the research, we first started gathering basic information like how many tourists come to the city on monthly basis, which places they visit and the condition of these places, the scope for improvement and most important factor, how is the transport in the city to cater the needs of these tourists,” said Akshada Puppal, one of the students.

Full report here DNA


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