Puducherry to get a taste of France this weekend

PUDUCHERRY: What is the French quintessence? One would be tempted to fall back on the idiom ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (or that intangible thing that defies the language of expression) to even attempt to convey the gist of a three-day festival that touts to be a celebration of “authentic French culture and traditions”.

‘A Bite of France’,” gets under way in the city on August 11 and goes on till 13, reports The Hindu.

An initiative by Tablo Noir, a design and identity studio in Chennai, in association with Puducherry Tourism, the event is billed as “a unique, avant-garde Indo-French food festival that will showcase the essence of Puducherry through food, art, dance and music.”

The event is happening at a space on the Rock Beach, the Sinnaya Gardens which is being designed to replicate the streets of France.

The festival has been timed to coincide with the holiday season in France (the Tourism Department is expecting French tourists). Organisers are also looking for a good number of footfalls from French residents in this former enclave, as well as regular tourists heading this way for the long Independence Day weekend.

Backed by a host of sponsors, the event looks to showcase the best of Indo-French, Vietnamese and Creole cuisine.


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