SHIVAMOGGA: Opposing the State government’s plan to develop Jog Falls into an all-weather waterfall, the environmentalists and residents of the villages that are fearing displacement from the project staged a protest under the aegis of Seethakatte Anekattu Virodhi Samiti in Sagar city on Monday.

Addressing the protest meet, writer Na. D’Souza said that the government has planned to convert Jog Falls into an all-weather waterfall by introducing water recycling technology, reports The Hindu.

It has been planned to construct a dam across Sharavathi river near Seethakatte and pump the water that will be stored here to Jog Falls through network of pipelines.

Mr. D’Souza said that families that were displaced due to construction of Linganamakki reservoir across the Sharavathi are residing in Vadanabail, Padanbail, Henni, Kalamanji and surrounding villages. The proposal to construct dam in Seethakatte has created apprehension of another round of displacement among these families, he said. He said that the introduction of water recycling technology would damage the fragile ecology of the region. It is unfortunate that though preliminary survey was undertaken on the project, the residents here have been kept in darkness.

The State government is going ahead with the project without assessing its impact on environment and on the life of people here. The opinion of hydro-geology experts has also not been sought. Drilling and blasting activities that would be undertaken here to construct the dam and to lay the pipeline would pose a threat to the waterfalls as well as for the pristine environment of Sharavathi valley, he said.


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