Offbeat Tourism

Promoting tourism and cycling in Puducherry


If a walk-through is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with a city, you could literally go the extra mile in experiential tourism if you rode a bicycle.

And, Puducherry could not just be ideal to discover over a short pedalling trip, with its Dutch-styled grid layout, narrow lanes and a flat terrain all making the bicycle a sensible choice.

It was precisely these traits of the city that led two enterprising women from France, who have made this city their home, to put together a cycle tour package for tourists.

Fleur Soumer, a ballet, and bharatanatyam teacher who heads the South India Traditional Arts (SITA) and Fiona Guerra, a Parisian who runs an enterprise that retrofits and snazzes up bicycles have since March been organising the ‘WakeUp Pondy Tour,’ that has hooked the interest of domestic and international tourists.


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