Priyanka Chopra to promote Assam tourism

GUWAHATI: Bollywood actress and newly-appointed Assam’s tourism brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra on Saturday said that she would show the world how “awesome the state is”.

“I am fortunate that the government of Assam has appointed me as the tourism ambassador of the state and I will take the state, its people, food, wildlife, greenery, culture and food to the global stage and truly show the world how awesome Assam is,” Chopra told reporters in Guwahati.

“The true essence of Assam and the North East is not appreciated fully in India and maybe even the world does not know much about it, but I am committed to present the incredible part of Assam’s diversity and unity to the outside world in the right perspective,” she said.

“I may not have been born in Assam but I am an Indian and take incredible pride in my country. Assam is a part of India and I am as much a part of this state as any other part of the country…. As such, I can claim to be an Honorary Assamese,” the Padmashri awardee said.

Asked whether due to her busy schedule she can justify her commitment to the cause, Chopra said that she has not ever let anyone down and takes her responsibility and commitments very seriously.

“My managers plan my schedules well and I have kept my commitments so far. I am committed to discover Assam and show my discovery to the world,” she said.


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