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Private vehicles not to be allowed into Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Tourists visiting the world famous Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in the district this season will have to follow some new rules, including a ban on the entry of private vehicles into the jungle.

With the tourist season scheduled to commence on November 15, the reserve authorities are busy upgrading the amenities at the reserve while also finalising some fresh instructions and codes of conduct for the visitors.

“Our prime focus is that the tourist should enjoy the wildlife in its wildest form with least disturbance to the jungle inmates. The motto for the tourists this season would be — don’t leave behind anything but footprints,” Deputy Director, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR), V.K. Singh told PTI.

No private vehicles will be allowed to venture into the DTR jungles now as the drivers often fail to follow guidelines on the speed-limit, use horns and even sometimes cause disturbance to the wild animals by venturing into the dense jungle, Singh said.

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