To prevent flooding, Chennai airport to get garbage dump!

CHENNAI: As part of pre-monsoon preparedness, Chennai corporation has decided to install a garbage trap a few metres away from the airport’s runway bridge on the Adyar river to prevent garbage and other materials from blocking the flow of water.

As the bridge, over which second runway of the airport is built after raising the level of the river bed, and its pillars are built close to one another garbage and debris floating in the river blocked the flow of water during last year’s flood, reports The Times of India.

The urban body has decided to install nets across the water near the bridge to remove garbage and debris that gets caught on it periodically so that there will be smooth flow of water. The decision was taken at a pre-monsoon preparedness meeting held on Wednesday. Similar traps were a success in the Cooum river.

The runway bridge was built over the Adyar river at a cost of 550 crore so that the second runway can be extended from 2,300 metres to 3,400 metres to expand the aircraft handling capacity of the airport.


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