Poor response to first two Flybuses

Flybus, a Bangalore-Mysore luxury service introduced by KSRTC, saw poor occupancy on its maiden journey from Mysore on Thursday.

The authorities hope that business will pick up soon. There were 5 and 8 passengers respectively on the inaugural trip, against the total seating capacity of 40.

While the first bus started at the scheduled departure at 2 am, the second one was delayed by almost half-an-hour, which led to anxiety among passengers catching international flights from Bangalore. Sri Lanka-bound Dr Tulsiram and Preetha who had their flight at 8.30 pm from Bangalore International Airport (BIA) were on the second bus. They said that it was a convenient mode of transport, as it would do away with taking another bus or taxi from Bangalore city to BIA. 

Full report here New Indian Express


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