It happens only in India

Passenger strips on flight

DELHI: Indian skies keep seeing their share of unruly passengers who threaten fellow passengers or crew but now this menace has taken a new, and vulgar, turn.

A flyer reportedly stripped himself in the lavatory of an aircraft recently and then wanted the air hostesses to help him out, reports The Times of India.

This unprecedented episode happened on IndiGo’s Bhubaneswar-Delhi flight exactly a month back.

“During the course of the flight, the male passenger in question expressed to the crew that he does not know how to tie the seat belt. The crew assisted him on the same,” the airline said in a statement.

“The passenger then went to the lavatory where he pressed the lavatory call bell requesting assistance in the aircraft lavatory. The crew immediately went to the lavatory to help him but saw him in an objectionable state. The female crew member refused to go inside and politely requested him to maintain some level of decency while using the lavatory,” it added.

The passenger then somehow came out of the toilet but his alleged misbehaviour did not stop. While securing passengers for landing, “the passenger passed derogatory remarks to the female crew member”.

The crew then informed the captain of the flight 6E-256 who alerted security agencies in Delhi. After landing, the passenger was off-loaded from the aircraft and handed over to the police.

“Consequently the FIR was lodged in a local police station in Delhi. The matter is being investigated by the concerned authorities. Customer satisfaction is core to our business, however any untoward conduct, which compromises on the security of our crew and passengers is of a serious concern to us, and as a responsible corporate citizen we will take all necessary action to address this violation,” the IndiGo statement said.


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