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Oyo launches guaranteed early check-ins

DELHI: Hospitality firm OYO has launched an early check-in up to seven days prior to booking. This facility is being offered free of cost in many OYOs, and at a nominal charge in others said the hotel. With this launch, OYO has become the first hotel brand in the world to offer guaranteed early check-in to guests, said the firm in a press release.

OYO’s Sunrise check-in is now live both on its website and mobile app. Customers can identify, select and book hotels that offer confirmed early check-in. In addition, guests can also modify their existing booking and secure an early check-in.

Speaking on launch, Ritesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, OYO, said, “Despite changes in the way we live, travel and work, the hotel industry across the world continues to follow the outdated concept of a standard check-in time. Nowadays, travel is no longer about following prescribed itineraries. With ‘Sunrise check-in’ travellers can plan their mode of travel, duration and trip-itinerary in a better way, without being constrained by the check-in time.”

Agarwal elaborated, “The need to get a guaranteed early check-in is one of the key reasons that guests book hotels by walking in. Many of our guests shared that strict schedules for check-in times is one of their biggest pain-points related to hotel-booking. Our ‘Sunrise check-in’ feature gives them the freedom to plan their travel in a flexible manner. We expect an enthusiastic response to this feature and early indications show that nearly 20% of bookings post-launch are availing this service.”

Sunrise check-in service is delivered via the OYO Partners system where hotels update days where they can offer early check-in and millions of users receive this update on a real-time basis.

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