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Outbound tourism from India not affected in long run


The November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, the second terrorist attack in Paris, since the Charlie Hebdo shooting, has shaken France in numerous aspects, including tourism.

India contributes to a large proportion of tourism in Europe. According to France embassy’s website (ambafrance-in.org), more than 3,00,000 Indian travellers visit France each year. Although, Indians were present in France during the attacks, they are said to be safe and the French authorities have coordinated with the Government of India and travel companies in India to ensure their safe return, France remains a feared destination among a considerable part of Indian travellers, reports Express Travelworld.

Travel companies across India have witnessed the effects on outbound tourist flow to Europe and their businesses. They have expressed that the effects will not be observed in long term.

While speaking to Express TravelWorld, Manoj Saraf, managing director, Gainwell Travels, said, “There have been cancellations from people travelling to Europe; also the people who are wanting to travel to Europe have postponed their plans. Sales of major airlines have come down by almost 20 per cent. The winter season isn’t the peak period to travel to Europe. I don’t think many people would travel to Europe at this time, and if travellers travel to Europe, the impact will not be very great. By the time summer arrives, I hope everything will settle down. We will probably wait for some time. The impact will be definitely there, but not in the long term.”


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