Onion price makes Mysore hoteliers cry

A complimentary plate of sliced onions that greeted customers at any eatery or food joint in the city now no longer graces the table. With the price of onions climbing at a rapid pace, this must-have ingredient in every cuisine is making restaurateurs cut back on the frills. Some are even looking at onion-free options.

Worst hit is the individual household, with homemakers having to cut down on the vegetable. The price of onion (A grade), which was Rs 24 per kg just a month ago, has crossed Rs 70. “We’ve withdrawn onions, but we’re serving cucumber instead,” said Raju K, who runs a roadside eatery near Silver Jubilee Clock Tower, opposite Town Hall. The street has several roadside eateries which have also stopped serving onions.

Full report here Times of India


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