Now, a bicycle tour of Kochi

There’s no better way to see Kochi than on a bicycle, say cycling enthusiasts in the city, who are all excited about the idea of a Bicycle Tour to see Kochi.

Kochi should never be seen from inside a closed vehicle, you should walk on its streets, smell the spices and feel the breeze, they say. Well, the DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council) has come up with something very close; not a walking tour, but a Bicycle Tour, where tourists can go around the city in a group on bicycles, accompanied by a tour guide.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the tour, although it is aimed at foreign tourists for the present. Says DTPC secretary T N Jayashankar, “Around the world, cycling tours are very popular, but sadly, we don’t have that culture here. Many of the foreign tourists who visit the city for a few days would want to go around in a bicycle. But firstly, they require the kind of bikes they are used to, and secondly, they are not used to our roads and the traffic. The idea of a conducted tour on a cycle was born thus.”

Full report here Times of India


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