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Birders participating in the annual Asian Waterbird Census tell Nita Sathyendran that Akkulam is seeing a dip in numbers while at Punchakari it’s looking up

Aakulam is losing its charm as a favoured destination of water birds. This was revealed during a bird count undertaken by birders in the city. It is in connection with the annual Asian Waterbird Census (AWC), a voluntary waterfowl monitoring project, currently going on across the continent and in Australia.

In tandem, the birders in the city too have been on a counting spree, collecting information on the various indigenous and migratory waterfowl in Thiruvananthapuram district, which has more than 80 km of coastline and boasts thriving wetlands of the likes of Akkulam, Veli, and Punchakari, near Vellayani.

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