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No room for pedestrians in T’puram


Motorists in the city have, by now, learnt to steer clear of the stretch of road in front of the Secretariat as far as possible because there is some demonstration or the other that has claimed this arterial route as its own. Of course, vehicles need their right of way, but who pays attention to the woes of the pedestrians.

As if this route does not pose enough complications for pedestrians, the paved pathways bordering the Secretariat north gate are a put off too. From a distance, they appear a welcome sight – neat, even, and safe with railings guarding against cars zipping by. But step onto this footpath, and one wishes one had rather walked on the road.

With politeness almost a dead virtue, be prepared to glare the other person into submission.

Of course, the guidelines stipulated by the Indian Roads Congress put 1.8 metres as the minimum footpath width.

Full report here Hindu


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