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Ninth century monument in ruins

balangir templeBALANGIR

Visitors to the ruins of Ranipur-Jharial, about 110 km from Balangir, are welcomed by a signboard outside the entrance of the 64 Yogini temple that reads – this monument has been declared to be of national importance and protected under the Ancient Monument and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958 (24) of 1958. Any one inflicting any kind of damage to this monument is liable for prosecution.

A similar message is found outside the famous Indralath temple, situated at a distance of about 100 metres from the 64 Yogini temple.

It reads: the monument is protected under Ancient Monument Preservation Act 1956 (12) of 1956. Ironically, there is none to protect and maintain these monuments dating back to 9th century.

Full report here New Indian Express


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