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NCR bars tourism in green zones


Tourism activities won’t be allowed in the Natural Conservation Zones (NCZs) in NCR, according to the minutes of recent NCR Planning Board (NCRPB) meeting. The minutes revealed that the ministry of environment and forest had specifically wanted deletion of the controversial clause allowing such activities in NCZ in the revised regional plan.

The board also decided that the sacred Mangar Bani and a 500-metre buffer radius around it will be earmarked as a “no-construction zone”, as proposed by Haryana government. Sources said the core grove is around 250 hectares.

As it was reported in TOI on April 26 that the board members agreed to limit construction in NCZs such as Aravalis, riverbeds and major water bodies, the minutes recorded that only “regional recreation activities” will be permitted with “no construction exceeding 0.5%” of the area with permission from competent authorities.

Full report here Times of India



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