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Murder in Goa shakes tourist paradise


“Oh, you have moved to Goa! You must be having so much fun.” This is the first reaction from most of my friends, who instantly picture me sitting on a beach and sipping beer in my home state.

This laid-back image is what draws Indians and foreigners alike to this coastal holiday destination 600 kilometers (370 miles) south of Mumbai. But the casual “live and let live” attitude of the state is being tested as Goa’s popularity with outsiders outstrips the patience of locals.

On Oct. 31, Obodo Uzoma Simeon, a Nigerian national, was found dead in the village of Parra in north Goa. The very same day, over 200 Nigerians took over NH-17 Highway near Porvorim, overturning vehicles, damaging the police van carrying the body to a government hospital and refusing to let the police constables take the body for an autopsy. The Nigerians contended that their countryman had been murdered by a local gang and were demanding that the autopsy be performed in the presence of the Nigerian ambassador in India.

Full report here New York Times


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