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Moving into take-off mode


The Indian aerospace industry is one of the fastest-growing aerospace markets in the world, attracting major global aerospace companies. To meet the demands of the growing industry, the country has a large talent pool of English-speaking engineering graduates; approximately 5,00,000 students graduate as engineers each year from universities around the country. Honeywell Aerospace India president Arijit Ghosh elaborates on the exciting avenues open in the aviation sector .

Bengaluru is the aerospace capital of India, and many large aerospace companies, including Honeywell Aerospace, have chosen to set up technology development facilities there, he says. “Honeywell finds and cultivates first-class aerospace talent in India. We hire electrical, electronics, chemical, mechanical, production, and manufacturing engineers, as well as science majors with post-doctoral degrees in subjects such as physics and math, material sciences or metallurgy.”

In addition, we try to help our recruits develop a passion for this field. We have a large pool of aerospace engineers and hence are able to introduce new hires to a community of aero veterans. Of our total 15,000-strong employee base in India, approximately 8,000 are engineers, of which 2,800 are aerospace engineers.


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