More sops for Kerala seaplane operators


The Kerala government has extended additional sops to seaplane operators. It will guarantee a government quota of seats as part of the incentive.

As per an order on June 26, the government will guarantee four seats in each trip of 30-minute duration to 60 minutes subject to a maximum of four trips a day, for 250 days a year for two years from the date of start of operations by a particular operator, reports HIndu.

The early-bird incentive may be granted to the first two aircraft or operators who start operations using amphibian aircraft of at least nine seats. The order says in case of seats guaranteed by the government going vacant, the corresponding amount equivalent to the number of vacant seats will be paid by the government. The guaranteed trips can be between waterdromes, regular airports or between both.

The operator will have to ensure that the amphibious aircraft is made available for at least 20 days a month for all calendar months, to be eligible for the incentive. The incentives are applicable only for operations using amphibious aircraft of at least nine-seat capacity.

A committee constituted by the government for rate fixing will have to approve a list of eligible travellers who can avail themselves of seats guaranteed by the government. The list will include senior government officials of the State government, departments, government guests, senior officials of State PSUs, tourism promotion activities, and familiarisation tours organised by the Tourism Department, according to the GO.


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