McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut doing big business in Kochi

In an ironic twist, American multinationals are thriving in communist Kerala. It’s most evident in Kochi, the most cosmopolitan city in the state, where fast-food majors McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are doing sizzling business.

Already known for its fetish for gold — the state consumes almost 10% of the total yellow metal sold in the country — and fad for fast cars — it’s the fastest growing market for luxury cars — Kochi is now making another statement, by feasting on burgers, pizzas and chicken wings.

Burger-and-fries chain McDonald’s and Yum-promoted KFC and Pizza Hut say their restaurants in Kochi’s biggest, newest and toniest shopping complex, LuLu Mall, have joined each brand’s top 10 outlets in the country in less than four months of launch.

Full report here Economic Times 


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