Many private buses found unsafe

Recent bus incidents have forced Indian administrators to take a look at exactly how safe are Indian buses for travel. The findings so far have not been encouraging. Private bus operators , including those on inter-state routes, just don’t foresee passengers getting stuck in emergencies on board.

A random check by the state transport department has revealed that many private buses either had no emergency exits or ones that didn’t function. Confirming this, RV D’Souza , joint commissioner of transport (Bangalore Urban), said in some buses equipment like hammer for breaking the window glass to create a way out during emergencies were missing.

The checks began a day after the October 30 Mahbubnagar bus tragedy in which 45 passengers aboard a Volvo bus were killed after the carriage burst into a ball of fire. The checks revealed that the operators cared little about maintenance of safety measures for passengers in cases of emergency.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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